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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hong Kong waiting babes!

Penny (female-age 5)
Penny is described as a cheerful child and a highly motivated student. Penny enjoys playing ball and other games with her friends. Penny says that she wants to be adopted and have a new mommy and daddy. Penny is diagnosed with hyperactivity and was born drug exposed. Could you be her mommy and daddy?

Wendy (female-age 4)
Wendy is a bright eyed and beautiful child. Her nannies report that she shares snacks and toys and holds hands with other children while playing. Wendy is eager to learn and learns quickly.   Wendy is diagnosed with Thalassemia major and was also born drug exposed. Can you help her find her forever family?

 Cory (male-age 6)
Cory has a warm and sweet smile. He likes to be goofy and have fun and is clearly full of personality. Cory is described as "patient, attentive, and willing to share".   Cory is willing to comply with rules and is a helpful child often helping teachers pass out items in group. Cory was born to drug addicted parents. Could you be this child's parent?

 Siblings Samuel (male age 7) and Sophie (female age 9)
Samuel and Sophie are siblings who desire to be adopted together. Both children have been in care since birth, but have been placed in separate homes. Recently, they were placed in the same home so that they could begin to spend time together and grow a bond. The orphanage reports that they are already quite close. Sophie enjoys watching cartoons and playing computer games. She also enjoys outdoor activities. Samuel enjoys playing with cars and puzzles. He is also an avid reader.   Can you help us find a home for Samuel and Sophie?

Nathan (male-age 10)
Nathan is a bright young man who loves sports and talking to others about sports. Nathan was born drug exposed and is diagnosed with bilateral horizontal nystagmus but this does not appear to affect his vision. In addition, Nathan is on track intellectually and developmentally with peers his age and is considered "healthy" by American standards. Nathan is a loving and polite boy who needs a forever family.

Steven (male-age 18 months)
Steven is a beautiful child who enjoys musical toys and toy cars. He also enjoys water play. He is described to have a pleasant personality. Steven has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and has some heart complications. Please consider him for your family?

Heath (male-age 16 months)
Health is a happy active young man who is curious about everything. He loves crawling everywhere he can. Health is also diagnosed with Down Syndrome and has had surgery to repair his AVSD. Please consider making Heath your son.

Uriah (male-age 2 years)

Uriah is a beautiful happy little boy of Filipino decent. Uriah's neonatal health is not known as he was abandoned by his birth mother.  Uriah likes playing toys, especially toys that make noise. He likes being hugged, cuddled and tickled by adults. Uriah has been diagnosed with some delays and bilateral optic disc coloboma (poor vision). He appears to be on track developmentally in regards to social, emotional, and speech development. Could Uriah be a good match for your home?
For more information on the sweet babes above, please email stacy at lovingthefatherless@gmail.com

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