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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cid 5 years old

Cid was born in October of 2007.  He has lived with a foster family since December 2009.  Cid can talk a lot, although it is sometimes not clear.  He loves smiling, playing and gets along well with other kids.  His favorite toy is a toy gun and toy cars, he shares his toys and has lots of friends.  He likes to read and seems very intelligent.  He is very curious, asking lots of questions…his favorite being “why?”
His current diagnosis is Cerebral Palsy with right side hemiplegia, bronchial asthma and dental cavities.  His records show surgery for treatment of a club foot on the right side in November 2011 and mentions that he has a right hand deformity as well as hip dysplasia. An update revealed he has good mobility.  He walks alone and can run!
 “Why” don’t you considering making Cid a part of your family? 

For more information on Cid, please email Stacy at lovingthefatherless@gmail.com

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