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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

XiXi 3 years

Xixi is nearly 3 years old. He is a very affectionate child, hurrying towards people he knows with upraised arms, eager to be held, and wrapping his arms and legs tightly around the individual. He has been at the orphanage since infancy, and gets along well with the other children there. Xixi eats with good appetite and doesn't seem to be picky at all. He can be very dramatic, quickly bringing on tears if he wants attention, and just as quickly breaking into smiles when he has been comforted. Xixi is a bit reticent around strangers, but bonds very strongly once a person has won his trust. He really seems to long for love, and I think he will have no major problem adjusting to a family. Xixi is a little slow to accept new people, but attaches strongly once he warms to them. He is very affectionate, loves to be held, and will often hurry over to a person and hold his arms up to be picked up, wrapping his arms and legs tightly around the person. He loves to play in a calm way; rough-housing sometimes scares him a bit. Always eager with his dimpled smile, his laughter is infectious. He enjoys riding around on cars, pushing others on cars, and playing with others.Visiting therapists said that Xixi seems quite high-functioning, and would likely fit in well with a new family. He is eager for love, and would be a bright spot and a blessing for any family that decided to adopt him.

XiXi - Doing well with walking. He is climbing up onto things and in and out of the car. He is able to push the horn in the car. He was willing to participate with the drawing activities (scribbling for his age) with the other children. He has good sitting balance on the gym ball and able to maintain his balance when the ball was moved in all directions. While sitting on the ground, he does maintain a wide base of support (as is typical for Down Syndrome). He is able to hold the crayon with his 3 fingers in an immature grip. He was able to run and get in and out of the car on his own.

Special Need: Down Syndrome

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