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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Qui 12 years old

Just look at this precious boy!!!!!!!!!!!! He desperately needs his forever family!

Qiu is an exceptional 11 year old boy. He
is an especially sweet and helpful little boy. Qiu is very dramatic and creative, and will imitate the actions of TV actors, dance with the music, and paint simple pictures. One of his favorite things to do is sing karaoke, and he will use any opportunity to perform for his audience. He is very energetic, and loves riding his bike or cars around and playing on the playground. He is sensitive to other’s moods, and can read facial expressions when others are praising or reproaching him. He can turn on the TV and water tap, and generally is independent for basic things like putting on his own clothes and shoes, bathing himself, going to the bathroom, and feeding himself. Jin Qiu loves to help, and offers to assist the ayis by mopping the floor, cleaning the tables, and quickly reacting when the other kids have fallen down by rushing to pick them up. If he does not feel well, he knows how to go to our clinic and point at his stomach to communicate his discomfort.

Qiu is physically healthy. No heart or thyroid issues have been detected. Qiu is 11 years old, and needs a family soon, or he will be stuck in the government care system his whole life. He is a very sweet, loving boy, and would be a blessing to any family that adopted him!

Qiu - He has high level gross motor skills. He is able to run and jump rope. Grip strength is good as he was able to squeeze a water bottle and was able to hold a pencil appropriately. Given a sample of 3 shapes, he is able to draw a circle, approximate a square and triangle. He is able to draw a vertical line. He is very affectionate. He wants to please those around him as demonstrated by his willingness to help. He was able to follow visual instructions to assist with the sensory activities with the other children. He was very kind and gentle with his dealings while doing these activities. He also was willing to help the Ayis with folding the diapers each afternoon. He follows a routine well as even at 11 years old, he was able to take a mid-afternoon nap while the younger children were napping. I think he has great potential for learning academic skills as he willingly participated with quiet activities when others were running around. He does love to sing and dance but will sit and cuddle, given the opportunity.

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