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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NanNan almost 7 years old

NanNan was abandoned at 3 or 4 years old. He is a very energetic boy who can be mischievous, but responds well to attention and having his energy channeled into more productive areas. He enjoys being given helpful tasks to do, and is proud of himself when he achieves anything. He has a very healthy appetite and will eat almost anything, but has a special fondness for sweats. NanNan responds well to love, and would adapt well to having a permanent family. He is an active child who enjoys physical play. He plays chase with his friends, rides cars or bikes, plays ball, imitates the actions of actors on TV, dances to music, and draws or colors simple pictures. He can turn on the TV and water tap, can read facial expression when others praise or reproach him. He is independent for basic things such as putting on his own clothes and shoes, washing himself, going to the bathroom by himself, and feeding himself with a spoon. His appetite is excellent, and he has quite a sweet tooth. He is frequently helpful by offering to help the ayis mop the floor or clean the tables. NanNan is physically healthy. No heart or thyroid issues have been detected. When he had a CT scan on his head, nothing unusual was detected.

Nan Nan- Doing well with his gross motor skills. Runs well. He was able to maintain his balance well on the gym ball when it was moved in all directions. He has some discipline issues but responds well when given attention. Following a little bit of one on one attention, he was able to be redirected and was no longer seeking out the negative attention. He loves to play. He responds well when other children want to hug him.

Special Need: Downs Syndrome

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